LEERE SCHÜSSELN - Empty Bowls (english):

EMPTY BOWLS - 2017 Diessen Pottery Market:

Theme in the central exhibition pavilion

After a number of years break, the theme of Empty Bowls will be relevant again in the year 2017 at the Diessen Pottery Market. Christoph Möller and Cornelia Goosens from Diessen already had this idea for the Diessen Markets in the years 2005 and 2010. This year, our young helpers will be in charge of the project in the central exhibition pavilion.

We are now calling on all participants in the 2017 Diessen Market to take part in this project by donating a number of soup bowls. The bowls will be filled with soup and sold for 15 Euros each. This time the revenue will go to a project in Africa suggested to us by Ruth Paulig, chairwoman of the non-profit association Promoting Africa. Please leave all your bowls to us at the central pavilion by the latest on Wednesday morning, 24. 5. 2017. All the bowls must be signed with your name. Wolfgang Lösche

Green Food for Empty Bowls

Children from slums plant vegetables

The non-profit association Promoting Africa from the Ammersee Ostufer is dedicated to children and adolescents in East Africa. In Kenya we accompany about 50 children and adolescents in the slums of Nairobi.
The children are AIDS-orphans or else live in difficult family circumstances. Together with our Kenyan partners we ensure they have food and clothing and attend school regularly; we also look after their health issues. Additionally we provide a certain amount of social security in the form of birthday parties or small excursions.

With the project Green Food for Empty Bowls, the children are being given the chance to get out of the slum for a week so they can see the blue sky and breathe clean air in safe surroundings. At the Kenya Institute of Organic Farming (KIOF), about 20 kilometres from Nairobi, they can live in small supervised groups. Friendly teachers given the children lesson and enable them to experience practically how healthy food can be grown. In the vegetable gardens they get to know the different types of plants, learn about natural methods to eliminating pests and see how organic waste can be composted. At the end of the course each child receives a certificate making him or her a young ambassador of Green Food in the slum.

In one single course we experienced the great enthusiasm with which the children and adolescents worked and how proud they were of the certificates they were presented and the skills they had acquired. Back in the slum, we could observe how little vegetable gardens emerged on the smallest of space beside huts or on the roofs, and watch the young people tend their plants attentively and harvest the fruits of their efforts. We would be very happy if we could finance this important and wonderful experience for other children with the support of the Empty Bowls project.
Ruth Paulig, Promoting Africa e.V.